Safeguard and protect your data and privacy!

The password must be longer than 8 characters, containing numbers, special symbols and mixed case characters. Example: g@rder_Me!Pl3aze Please, note that there is no way to recover original content and data without providing the correct password!
Enter the password used to guard the file.
Our promise to you: we do not keep a copy of any of your data!
Please, before uploading any files, verify the site certificate by clicking the padlock next to the browser's address bar! We use Let's Encrypt authority to confirm this is's certificate.

Our innovative data protection process improves the best and latest industry-standard data security and encryption algorithms by increasing the difficulty of successful attack attempts by a few magnitudes.

As a result of using our cybersecurity algorithms, your data is encrypted, well-protected, secured, safeguarded and kept private!

You can use Garder's data protection for increasing your cybersecurity in various scenarios: protect data, transfer data, ensure data privacy, creating a data backup or long-term data archive, etc.

Your data protection, cybersecurity and data privacy are our primary motivation, and it drives our commitment to constant innovation and improvement!

Following are the simple steps that safeguard and protect your data and privacy:
  • Input a strong password (guideline is provided)
  • Verify the password
  • Select a file to be guarded / unguarded
  • Wait until the file is guarded / unguarded
  • Save guarded / unguarded file
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